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REDeye® Infrared products produce a high intensity reflective signature with a transmission value of >70% at 835nm, easily viewable over 800m using PVS-14 night vision device.


All products are manufactured to meet individual client operational needs, therefore REDeye® infrared ID systems have numerous applications for personnel, vehicles and equipment.


Product range includes:


  • Uniform patches and insignia

  • Small 1" & 2" squares

  • Blood group patches

  • Armbands

  • Helmet schims

  • Free hanging two sided tabs

  • Vehicle V's

  • Antenna markers

The REDeye® 100 system


An Infrared identification system that enables a full colour badge or insignia to be produced whilst still achieving a 100% infrared reflective signature.


Our REDeye® 100 infrared badges are backed by a power hook for greater strength and security when working with uniforms that have existing hook and loop capabilities. Once backed with this superior hook, badges are still completely flexible and can maintain a secure fastening to any flat or irregular surface whilst resisting any stresses from surrounding environments.


If a power hook backing isn't required REDeye® patches and products are also available on:


  • Fabric, suitable to be sewn onto clothing

  • Permanent adhesive with strong abrasion resistance

  • Magnetic for reappliable uses


With the registered REDeye® 100 full colour optical patterning technique any flag or insignia can be reproduced and still maintain an uninterrupted infrared reflective signature, specific to each clients operational requirements. 


Here at EXIUM we aim to work with clients to produce a completely unique custom made infrared product manufactured with millimeter precision to keep the wearer, vehicle or equipment visible and safe.




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