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What is infrared?


Infrared light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum where wavelengths are slightly longer than visible red light and shorter than microwaves, because the wavelengths are around 800nm to 1mm it is completely invisible to the human eye but can be felt as heat. Night vision devices allow you utilze this light using two different techniques, thermal imaging and image intensifiers. Both give you the ability to see in the dead of night.


Thermal imaging cameras work on the basis that everything emitts infrared light (radiation) gathering it and producing an image to allow you to distinguish between warm living objects and the cooler environment surronding them.


Secondly image intensifiers gather all available light photons (visible and non-visible) and converts them into electrons, multiplies the electrons, then through a phosphor screen converts the multiplied electrons back into light photons creating an intensified visible image of the viewed area. 



Most Image Intensifiers also offer a IR illuminating capability which floods the viewing area with infrared light to brighten and enhance the visible detail of the environment, whilst remaining invisible to the human eye. Our REDeye® infrared identification systems are designed to take advantage of the light emitted from these IR illuminating night vision devices by using military grade reflective materials that send every infrared light photon back to the image intensifier, making more electrons available to be multiplied and converted back into photons to create a intense reflective signature from the REDeye® product. 


REDeye® Infrared ID














Custom manufactured identification systems that produce a high intensity infrared reflective signature only visible when viewed with a IR night vision device. Suitable for personnel, vehicles and equipment. More details

REDeye® Dual ID














A new technique develped here at EXIUM to improve security where needed with custom infrared signatures that are only visible using IR illuminated night vision devices. More details

Product Gallery














View a selection of our REDeye 100 and Dual ID products.

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